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Cloud Tech

We believe the cloud isn’t just a buzz word, it’s a mindset. Our software runs directly on the server so it can be deployed instantly and leveraged everywhere.

Flexible API

Our revolutionary API connects to nearly any connected node, allowing you to manage all your products from one interface.

Cross Platform

Access our platform from any device. Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Linus are all supported. Building an IOT based game? ModGENIUS has you covered!

Our Approach

Thinking in the 4th Dimension

At ModGENIUS, we don’t build solutions that just solve the obvious demands of today, rather we are engineering the platform of the future. Our API leverages AI to learn how your users interact with your app, and uses predictive models to dynamically extend the functionality of your game’s tech. Our API connects to all your apps and can adjust parameters between them based on holistic usage patterns. This not only increases the performance of your current games, but will ensure your future games release fully optimized. Our API can also be deployed as a mod for your existing games, eliminating the need for your developers to resurrect old game code. We’ve tested this solution with many of today’s most popular games with impressive results. Contact us today to setup a consultation and learn how ModGENIUS can upgrade your game’s tech.

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Next Level User Engagement

Leverage our API to add modding capabilities to your game and enable your community to extend the life of your product. Empowering your community builds lasting engagement and is one of the best ways to ensure your audiences remains devoted to your franchises. When a user purchases and begins playing your game, they become part of your community and an advocate for your game. Enabling users to create and share content will give your players a reason to keep coming back and remain within your community.

Know More About Your Audience

Our video analytics engine is a step above anything you’ve used before. We scan YouTube for references to your game and build a comprehensive database that includes expression metadata from user comments, video tags, and keyword comparisons. We then filter through millions of lines of subtitles and compare audio levels to create an emotion heatmap. Finally, ModGENIUS’ deep learning algorithms build actionable reports that provide color to your community’s engagement patterns.

Bridging the Divide

Yours users have varying levels of skill, free time and willingness to engage. Offering simple tutorials empowers those with more free time and an increased willingness to engage by increasing their skills, thus making them more effective members of your community. We liken it to equipping your front-line soldiers with Iron Man style battle armor.

Integrate with your website

Our analytics can be customized to fit your existing management portal’s theme. We provide all the necessary hooks to deliver your data in whatever form you are already using, such as Json, XML, SQL and Yamal. This allows you to display analytics directly inside your existing platforms. Some assembly required, ask your representative for details.

Intelligent Game Tech

A Comprehensive Solution to Optimizing Your Game

Our software and API products work in harmony with your app to generate next level engagement. ModGENIUS is the key to unlocking your game’s full potential.


Increased Engagement


Videos Analyzed


Connected API Nodes

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